Name: Maurice B
Date of Birth: 23-06-1978
Instrument: Bass
Main Equipment: Cort basses
Eich amplification
Audio-technica wireless
Source Audio pedals
Musical Inspiration: Not really a single style/person. I always try to keep an open mind on different styles.
Favourite Bands: In flames, the haunted, nevermore, hatesphere, black dahlia murder, megadeth, grand funk railroad, gojira, pink floyd, queensryche, and many more.
About me: In 1995 I bought my first bass and soon started playing in death metal band In Memoriam. During that time I also listened a lot to power metal and eventually joined Tom in Existenz. Parallel to Existenz I thrashed along with State:Chaos. When State:Chaos ended in 2013, symphonic blackened death metal formation Pictura Poesis was in need of a bass player, so I joined.
Active other bands: Nope
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