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Name Casper aka Cas aka Cashew
Date of Birth 27-09-1980
Instrument Guitars
Main Equipment Mayones Setius 7, Engl Fireball, Amp1, Strymon Bigsky
Musical Inspiration Progressive metal, Death metal, Edm
Favourite Bands Periphery, Textures, Gusgus, Lulu Rouge, Lunatic Soul, Sigur Ros, Moderat, Roisin Murphy, PJ Harvey, Steven Wilson
About me At the age of 13 I started playing guitar after hearing Guns ‘n’ Roses and Metallica. At the age of 15 I saved enough money to buy a drumkit and my interest shifted from guitars to drums. But at the age of 19 we moved house and I wasn’t able to practice drum at home anymore, so my interest shifted back to the guitar. Through out the years I played guitar in a couple of bands like Times Have Changed, Deathfall, State:Chaos and Deep Water Horizon. At the moment I’m playing guitar in Immerge and have an electronic music project called Dive Inside.
Active other bands Dive Inside
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