Name: Barry (aka Ber)
Date of Birth: 14-08-1981
Instrument: Guitar
Main Equipment: Jackson SL7
Kemper Profiler
Strymon Big Sky
Musical Inspiration: Devin Townsend, David Gilmour, non-rock/metal musical styles
Favourite Bands: Soen, Leprous, Scar Symmetry, Mastodon, Opeth, Skyharbor, etc.
About me: Back in 2000 I played in a punk band with long-time friend Casper. But while playing in our first band together, Casper and me got the great idea to start a kick-ass thrashmetal band. After around 10 happy thrash-years with Times Have Changed, the band came to an end in 2011, because of the departure of our drummer, who immigrated to the UK. No suitable replacement was found. So no more Cas and Ber band and we went separate ways. Then somewhere in 2015 we decided it was time for a new Cas and Ber band. Long story short: Immerge was born.
Active other bands: Noisome, Zaate Hermenie “Ut Busstök”
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