Out of the ashes of many different local metal bands comes a new collective mixture of metal and heavy rock: IMMERGE.

While the band itself was born in 2017, the line-up wasn’t completed until 2019. With the members all having very busy schedules, including other bands, work, family life and so on, they decided on a project-like approach and taking things slow. Having fun and delivering good quality music is more important to them than a big musical output.

The band has a shared love of progressive music like Devin Townsend, Skyharbor, Draconian, Be’lakor and many similar bands, and so their style naturally evolved towards female-fronted progressive music.

Heavy guitars contrast with serene vocals, all complimented with beautiful melodic soundscapes and grooves. This is music made with passion and tons of experience, aimed to make you feel and experience the atmosphere that lies deep within their compositions.

So sit back, relax and IMMERGE yourself in the music.

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